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Say GOODBYE to sleepless nights & sore ears...with our comforting Sleep Mask

✅ 100% Black Out - Block out all distracting lights so you can fall into a deep and peaceful sleep. 

✅ Listen To Your Favourite Audio - Whether it's your favourite Music, Audio Books, Podcasts or even White Noise, we've got you covered! 

✅ Prevent Sore Ears - Traditional earphones simply hurt your ears, make the change to our comforting sleeping mask which enables you to side sleep, toss and turn without discomfort. 

 10 Hour Battery Life - With the average sleeping time of 8 hours, the battery life fits perfectly into your sleeping routine, with only a 2-hour charging time! 

✅ Perfect Sleeping Environment - With a 100% blackout, your favourite audio and a comforting mask, this all provides you with the perfect sleeping environment which will help you to get to sleep quicker and help you sleep deeper! 

The Bluetooth Sleeping Mask is a MUST have for anyone that struggles to sleep! 

Whether you struggle to sleep, have too many distractions or even just enjoy listening to your favourite sounds whilst you sleep, we have you covered! 

Easy to connect - just connect to your desired mobile device using a Bluetooth connection and you are ready to go! 

Sleep well, live better - Studies show that people who have the recommended amount of sleep per night live a better lifestyle compared to people who sleep badly, so if you struggle to sleep, make the first step to solving that issue with this sleeping mask! 

Say goodbye to traditional earphones! Do you wake up in the morning with sore ears due to your earphones? Well, you need to stop right away! Perfect for side sleepers as we have focused on maximum comfort. 

Suitable for all head sizes, it allows you to adjust the mask to your liking, if you feel like the speakers are not in position, you can adjust them by moving them to your preferred area for optimal performance. 

Machine Washable - just unzip the mask, take out the Bluetooth system inside and give it a wash! Once dry put the system back in and you are ready to go! 

A true "no-brainer" to live a better, healthier lifestyle! 

Package Include:
- The Bluetooth Sleeping Mask

- A Travelling Bag

- USB Charging Wire (no socket included, we are trying to reduce plastic usage in the world so we have made the charging wire a standard USB wire so just plug it into your mobile phone socket) 

- Instruction Manual 


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